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The three year project sanctioned by GOI under NRRMS involving a two - stage methodology proposes to map India 's forest as per Champion & Seth revised classification (1968). The first satge of preparing Forest Type Reference maps with pre-existing information, viz., inventory records, thematic maps, forest t ype maps at 1:2 million scale earlier prepared by FSI, maps of French Institute, Pondicherry, IIRS, Dehradun, WII, Dehradun and SFDs' stock maps, is complete for all the districts of the country. The second stage involving ground truthing, validation by SFDs and preparation of final maps is under progress. Nearly 175 districts in various states of the country have been visited for ground truthing so far by March 2006.

 A mid-term review workshop on National Forest Type Mapping Project was held in the Forest Survey of India, Dehradun on January 31, 2006 . The workshop was attended by 55 participants including PCCFs, Senior Forest Officers and Scientists from Deptt. of Space (NRSA, IIRS, RRSSC and SAC), State Remote Sensing Application Centres, ICFRE, WII etc.


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